Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sorting out the hobby room

Started to sort out the hobby room.  I have made my gaming table smaller 6 x4 as don't think I really need an 8 x 4.  Also I think I may start using gaming mats which are easier to get at 6 x 4

I plan to put some shelves up at the end so I can put all my books up there which will mean easier access to them at last.

I moved my computer over the other side so its easier when I get my spray booth out as there is a window for fumes extraction.  I am aiming for two area for making , building and painting large items. One area with is my main painting desk.  A computer area and then an area for a painting / project queue.  I am also extending the desk on the left so I have a small area for my work computer and more project area.

Current painting table. Going to get another couple of paint racks.

Building area with some Italians

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

All Quiet on the Martian Front - British North African Force - Bedouin

I have been busy working on my British North African force for AQMF.   Bedouin Troops have been finished , still need to paint the Egyptian troops.

Bedouin Troops consisting of
2 x Bedouin MG Units (3 Elements each)
3 x Bedouin Cavalry (3 Elements Each) 2 on Horseback 1 on Camels
2 x Bedouin Infantry (3 Elements Each)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Bolt Action Jungle Terrain

To go with my Japanese, Chindits and USMC I have started work on some jungle terrain. Generally following the Terrain Tutors Burma Build on youtube.  I am using what materials I have. The bases are hardboard cut into different sizes and shapes.  I then cut up and glue on a polystyrene ceiling tile, put filler in the gaps and round the edges to smooth it out.  Glue on sand and small rocks for texture. Finally undercoating in bitter chocolate masonry paint.  Still lots to do

Friday, 21 April 2017

Bolt Action Japanese Army

I have had my Japanese figures from TAG for years now. I have painted some up  but lost interest.  Now I am going to have a go at Bolt Action I decided to get them out and form a rough 1000 point force loosely based on the Warlord Games Japanese starter army except using TAG figures.  I already have TAG Chindits but will get the USMC starter army from Warlord games to save on cost.

Bolt Action Terrain

Bolt Action is one of the projects that I keep thinking about but never get round to.  Well after sorting through all the stuff I have I am starting to give it a go.  I am getting seem stuff to come to make Jungle terrain but first up I though I should built two houses I got ages ago from Stonk Games.  They went together quite well, there were a few mistakes how they had been cut but for the price they look very good.  I have the Farm Hovel and Ruined Farm Hovel

All Quiet on the Martian Front - North African Terrain

To go with my Flames of War desert buildings I have started making some terrain for my North African games.  Nearly done just need to work out the right washes.

All Quiet on the Martian Front - British North African Force Support Squadrons Part 2

Next up is a Heavy tank squadron and an Artillery Company with a munitions truck and trailer.