Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sorting out the hobby room

Started to sort out the hobby room.  I have made my gaming table smaller 6 x4 as don't think I really need an 8 x 4.  Also I think I may start using gaming mats which are easier to get at 6 x 4

I plan to put some shelves up at the end so I can put all my books up there which will mean easier access to them at last.

I moved my computer over the other side so its easier when I get my spray booth out as there is a window for fumes extraction.  I am aiming for two area for making , building and painting large items. One area with is my main painting desk.  A computer area and then an area for a painting / project queue.  I am also extending the desk on the left so I have a small area for my work computer and more project area.

Current painting table. Going to get another couple of paint racks.

Building area with some Italians