Saturday, 22 November 2014

Desert Themed Terrain

Started on my terrain for desert boards.  I shall be using these for Dune wargaming and for The Taros Campaign.

Start of a rock mound

This is the start of my Palace /Sietch.  It is going to be built into a rock face.  I don't have the room to make the side taper off so they will have to be square and hopefully I may be able to do something with them later.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kolony Ferals

Finally got round to painting some Pig Iron Kolony Ferals, plenty more to paint.

Tallarn Desert Raiders

Well its took me 7 years but I have finally finished a squad of Tallarn Desert Raiders.  Eventually they will become part of a Tallarn army to fight some Tau on Taros.

So far the army is planned as

HQ Command Squad
1 Commander
4 Guardsmen (1 with Vox Caster and 1 with Regimental Standard)

Storm Trooper Squad (1 Sergeant and 9 Troopers)

Infantry Platoon

Platoon Command Squad
Captain Al'rahem
4 Guardsmen (1 with Meltagun, 2 with Mortar)

Infantry Squad x 5
Each squad to have 1 Sergeant/Lieutenant and 9 Guardsmen.  Some will have 2 man weapon teams some will just have upgraded weapons

Heavy Weapons Squads x 3
1 Mortar Squad, 1 Missile Launcher Squad, 1 Heavy Bolter Squad

Special Weapons Squads x 2
1 Sniper Squad with 3 snipers and 3 Guardsmen
1 Special Weapons Squad with 1 grenade launcher, 1 plasma gun, 1 meltagun and 3 Guardsmen

Hopefully have a few Chimera's to mount the squads in.

Fast Attack

Scout Sentinel Squadron
3 Tallarn Sentinels

Support Sentinel with Rocket Pod

Rough Rider Squads
2 Squads on Horseback (1 Sergeant and 4 Guardsmen)
1 Squad on Mukaali (1 Sergeant and 4 Guardsmen)

Graia Pattern Hellhound

Valkyrie Assault Carrier

Heavy Support

So far I have

Leman Russ Battle tank x 2
Hydra Flak tank

Hopefully will add some more Leman Russ and an Ordnance Battery.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Old White Dwarf's

Just going through some of my old White Dwarfs , aah the good old days.

7 halflings for £2.50!

Iron Claw Squats - never brought any of those but wish I had!

The making of the Land Raider version 2

Some old Uruk Hai - I do have some of these but see my wanted page!