Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tallarn Desert Raiders

Well its took me 7 years but I have finally finished a squad of Tallarn Desert Raiders.  Eventually they will become part of a Tallarn army to fight some Tau on Taros.

So far the army is planned as

HQ Command Squad
1 Commander
4 Guardsmen (1 with Vox Caster and 1 with Regimental Standard)

Storm Trooper Squad (1 Sergeant and 9 Troopers)

Infantry Platoon

Platoon Command Squad
Captain Al'rahem
4 Guardsmen (1 with Meltagun, 2 with Mortar)

Infantry Squad x 5
Each squad to have 1 Sergeant/Lieutenant and 9 Guardsmen.  Some will have 2 man weapon teams some will just have upgraded weapons

Heavy Weapons Squads x 3
1 Mortar Squad, 1 Missile Launcher Squad, 1 Heavy Bolter Squad

Special Weapons Squads x 2
1 Sniper Squad with 3 snipers and 3 Guardsmen
1 Special Weapons Squad with 1 grenade launcher, 1 plasma gun, 1 meltagun and 3 Guardsmen

Hopefully have a few Chimera's to mount the squads in.

Fast Attack

Scout Sentinel Squadron
3 Tallarn Sentinels

Support Sentinel with Rocket Pod

Rough Rider Squads
2 Squads on Horseback (1 Sergeant and 4 Guardsmen)
1 Squad on Mukaali (1 Sergeant and 4 Guardsmen)

Graia Pattern Hellhound

Valkyrie Assault Carrier

Heavy Support

So far I have

Leman Russ Battle tank x 2
Hydra Flak tank

Hopefully will add some more Leman Russ and an Ordnance Battery.

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