Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Dolgan Raiders Deal

The Doglan Raiders Deal from the Autumn 85 Citadel Journal.  I got these as a Birthday Present (My Precious) and I will get round to repainting them at some point.

Dolgan Raiders

Ivan, The Storyteller, Terek & his Wardogs

 Yuri's Bowmen.
 Yuri & 20 Archers (Yuri at the bottom)

Stephans Swordsmen.
Stephen and 20 Fighters (Stephen at the bottom)

Hobgoblin Caravan

Bagnol and the Hobgoblins.
Bagnol, 20 fighters & 10 Archers (Bagnol was the pre slotta one, missing an archer in the photo)

Blackeye & the Slave Ogres.  
Blackeye & 6 Giant Ogres (3 ogres missing as I must have traded them years ago  but i have picked 3 more up)

Gutrot and the Wolfriders.
Gutrot, his wolf and 9 wolf riders (No idea who Gutrot was supposed to be)

The Camp Followers. 
20 Goblins (Old ROR all 20 the same only showing 10) & 10 Lesser Goblins

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

All Quiet on the Martian Front - Reinforcements for the North African Pod

I have been busy getting more Tripods painted for my North African / Arabian pod.  The force now consists of

2 x Scout Tripods (1 with Targeter)
4 x Assault Tripods (1 with Black Dust)
Harvester Tripod
Gatherer Tripod
Royal Scientist Tripod
Dominator Tripod

Still to come includes Grenadier, Slaver, more Assault and a Reaper tripod. Along with drones and the Overseer Tripod to finish.