Saturday, 30 August 2014


Well I have backed a few kickstarters, some i wish i hadn't and some I am unsure about.

Deadzone seems to have been a waste of money as I built figures but I really dislike the material so that has put me off painting them.  I found the scenery to also be a pain which has put me off.  So its all boxed up ready to collect dust.

All Quiet on the Martian Front was one I was unsure about.  I loved the idea but delays in shipping and not very clear communication put me in the mind of obeying this when it arrived.  I have now received wave 1 and actually found my enthusiasm back for the game so I have started painting some up and now can't wait for wave 2 and to buy new items.

Empress Miniatures produced great figures and was I good one but I sold them on as I had no real use for them.

Olley's Armies was a great one with lovely minis so I have backed his second one.

ArcWorlde great minis.

Meridian Miniatures another great one.

Winter War I am still waiting for delivery but I selected bulk delivery so hopefully soon.

Itars workshop was my first kickstarted and one I wished I didn't back due to delays in the product which made me loose interest in Dungeon adventures.  It finally arrived but with a heavy import charge which will make me careful from backing non EU kickstarters.  The product is good though and I have washed it all up ready to have a go at painting them.

In all it seems they are a mixed bag and I know now how to manage my expectations better and not get carried away.  The import charges means I won't back non EU ones unless they dispatch them from the UK like AQWF did.  Some people have backed kick-starters and lost money as they failed so I have been lucky in that respect.

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