Sunday, 31 May 2015

BEF, USA , Martians and first game

So I have become interested in All Quiet on the Martian Front again as they are releasing some cool models and with the 15mm scale it means its easier to paint up armies to play the game with.

So I have started to paint up my BEF from the kickstarter wave 2 and also got new release Kitchener tanks.  Can't paint up my imperial tanks yet as am missing some parts

First unit of Mono tanks painted up

WIP on my Red Martian.  Made the siren from green stuff.

First hover drones completed

Even though I wasn't going to do any USA forces I have now changed my mind and completed three tanks.

First game played with help of my wife and children.

It was a fun game but still getting to grips with the rules and the lego men that appeared on thew table!

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