Wednesday, 4 May 2016

BEF Mobile Strike Regiment

As I am slowly painting up all my BEF for the All Quiet on the Martian Front game I am going to organise them in the regiments from the rulebook.

First up is the BEF Mobile Strike Regiment

HQ is 2 Lloyds and 3 Imperial Tanks.  There is also supposed to be a command stand but I am leaving this out as it makes no sense in a mobile regiment and they have the Lloyds for command.

Infantry Company. HQ consisting of 1 Lloyd command tanks, 1 Fliver , 1 Cardigan and 3 MG stands. Three Platoons consisting of 3 Cardigans and 6 infantry stands.

Tank Company.  Imperial tank and 2 fliers for HQ, I may use Conqueror models flivers when they come out and keep these ones for my USA forces.  There are two squadrons of 3 Imperial Tanks and one squadron of 3 Imperial tanks with coil guns.

Support Squadrons. Heavy armoured car platoon consisting of 3 squadrons (9 in total) of Defiant armoured cars.  Reserve tank squadron of 3 Imperial tanks with Coil guns.  Finally the Reconnaissance Company of 1 Lloyd, 3 Cardigans, 6 infantry stands and 6 Specter armoured cars.

Picture of it all together.  Lots of painting still to do.

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