Friday, 31 March 2017

All Quiet on the Martian Front - British North African Force - Infantry

I have been busy working on my British North African force for AQMF.  Still need to add Bedouin and Egyptian troops.

British Troops
1 x Radio Command Truck
1 x Command Stand
1 x Fuel Truck
1 X Ambulance
1 x Armoured Car Squad (3 Elements)
4 x British Infantry (2 Elements Each)
3 x Highlander Infantry (2 Elements Each)
2 x British Mounted Infantry Camel Troops (3 Elements)
2 x British MG Units (3 Elements each)
1 x Heavy Field Guns (3 Elements)
1 x Field Guns (3 Elements)
1 x Coil Gun
7 x Support Trucks (4 Large for Gun Tows and 3 Small for Gun Tows)

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