Friday, 12 August 2016

Army of Harad

Over on the Lead Adventure Forum they have an Army Painter 2016 even.  Which for people that sign up means they need to paint a unit of figures each month for six months and have an army at the end of it. I need the army for my long term project of the Siege of Minas Tirith so will give me the motivation to get it done.

The army to consist of

Suladan on Horse
55 Haradrim Raiders
5 Mounted Serpent Guards
35 Haradrim Warriors (Inc command and probably some Serpent Guard on foot)
2 Mumakil (I need 3 for my siege project but I have one already painted)
25 Far Harad Warriors

Sorted out the figures

Have started building the Raiders, just need to decide whether to paint the horses separately or not.


  1. I really need to sort my act out and get organising my LotR stuff.

    1. So many different miniature lines to collect