Saturday, 6 August 2016

Dominator Tripod from All Quiet on the Martian Front

Got my dominator today fast shipping to the UK

I have queried the fact that the heat ray arms are both the same from the plastic sprue. It seems to make more sense to have one left handed one in resin which curves the other way. Got a fast response from Ironclad Games The kit with the arms is how AD made them so you have to modify and arm. Should be too hard and I will post pics when I do it. All I can say is Ironclad Games provide a much better service than AD

Here you can see the two heat ray arms

First I cut off the Heat Ray from one arm

Then I test fit the arms on the head. Stuck with blue tack

Then a put a pin in the heat ray

Then glue it to the arm.  Seems to work ok and should be some wiggle room when attaching the arms to the head 

At the moment still trying to de shine the dominator head so it can be painted as its very glossy. So far its had three scrubs in hot water and soap, a scrub with dettol, dishwasher cycle and its still shiney! I have put it in a bath of dettol for 48 hours to see if that works.

Finally got some paint on it but had to use several coats of Valejo surface primer to cover the head as it kept running off.

Next to a Veteran Tripod


  1. Keep thinking I should dabble in these minis and this post isn't helping the temptation!

    1. They are great fun to paint and the game is fun as well, the kids love the martians